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STUDENT CARE SERVICE for Primary School Students (7 to 12 years)

Kinderland’s Student Care is committed to providing children with quality student care in a safe learning environment.  Besides homework supervision and tutorials, students also engage in enrichment courses such as creative writing, speech and drama, hobby-based projects and educational field trips. All activities are conducted by well-trained and resourceful teachers, using methods such as brainstorming and intuitive thinking to engage the students’ imagination.  Structured daily routine care and balanced nutritious meals are rendered at these centres to meet the students’ custodial needs.

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Our Services
Our caring and responsible staff are trained to meet the developmental needs and interests of your child. We also provide a healthy, safe and conducive learning environment.
Students are guided and supervised in their school work individually and as a group by experienced teachers.

Professional Team
There is a team of professional advisors and consultants committed to providing extended learning opportunities and positive interactions with caring adults in a safe and conducive environment.

Benefits to Students

  • Attain better grades, have better peer relations, emotional adjustment and conduct as they spend more time engaging in academic and enrichment activities.
  • Learn to be more cooperative, handle conflicts better, as well as develop an interest in writing and reading.
  • Improvement in their educational, nutritional, recreational, developmental and safety needs.
  • Enhanced learning as they go through enriching activities in a convenient and caring environment.

Benefits to Parents

  • Support to parents who work outside the home and are unable to care for children.
  • Supervision of your child for them to learn and resist the influences of unsafe or violent behaviours before and after school hours, while you are at work.

Please call our hotline @ 6881-8818 for more information.  Kinderland Before-and-After-School Care is available only at Kinderland @ Marine Parade (Tel: 6344 4722).

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